Friday, December 11, 2009

Cover Letter Format For Dental Hygienist Should A Cover Letter And Resume Follow The Same Format/style?

Should a cover letter and resume follow the same format/style? - cover letter format for dental hygienist

If a cover letter and resume following the same format / style? Moreover, if both are contact info?


rb29440 said...

Yes, 99% of the time. You want to be your information, how to present (as a representation of it) - well, professionally and consistently. You want your recruiting staff to know that is always the "famous" person - not an idiot "bounce-off-the-walls" of employees. For the other 1% of the time, if you want to happen, to be creative, roll-with-strokes, Gumby-type person, you can present a combination of its opinion letter and résumé. Good luck!

sophieb said...

What size / style? You mean the pressure so great? The answer is "whatever". A letter from the other side of a CV.

A letter is a letter and looks like a letter with his signature for you and your name, address and telephone number.

A summary of needs 1 "of space around the top (the bottom and sides), and (if your name, address, telephone number, e-mail) has a list of their education and employment with dates and titles.

Jan Cool said...

Yes - there is a professional and has been adapted for the employer and not as a mass-mail. Here you will find information on the cover letter and resume.

irish_st... said...

I have my letter in a header which goes through the list of my contact information on the cover letter and disconnected.

jimmer14... said...


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