Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sonic Eggmanland Movie Wmp Does Sonic Unleashed Continue After The First Encounter In Eggmanland?

Does sonic unleashed continue after the first encounter in eggmanland? - sonic eggmanland movie wmp

I Sonic Unleashed Wii and I'm soooo down eggmanland at the first meeting in his fall, but only because I was still on. makes the game even after eggmanland it looks like the battle of his past? Who knows, blankets, can skip a level or something? Websight and Sonic Unleashed looks like in the video, there are places that havent, but seen in other systems and gave us to the Wii version like?

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TeeTop (luvs Rihanna) said...

Eggmanland is the last phase of the game, but not the end. Sonic is a time during the day, then werehog a 4 or 5 steps. Then there's the final boss fight against Eggman in the Dragon Egg, but this is not the last boss.

Eddie said...

As I have an instant message to a place, I think it's the end, is a water play for the Wii Nunchuk ect what they can do, as the PS3 u Limeted can not do anything "with the keys, but with ur Wii Limeted what you do u is a PS3, the Wii, I prefer the PS3

HyperSha... said...

I beat the Wii version, you're not much, but the game ends with Eggman country to fight against werehog EggDragoon joke HThe transformation into Super Sonic! and the only catch is the homebrew channel that is illegal

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