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Job Seekers Allowance Pobierany W Polsce What Is The Difference Between Income Support And Income Based Job Seekers Allowance?

What is the difference between Income Support and Income based Job Seekers Allowance? - job seekers allowance pobierany w polsce

I am of course in terms of benefits, income, thanks to Job Seekers Allowance and Income Support, I was under the impression that income replaced by unemployment, income seekers training? Can anyone help?


Chopper2... said...

Job Seekers Allowance and Income Support are virtually the same services. You have two different application forms (although they usually claim by phone today), but the information goes to two different sections of the DWP and the shapes are different. This is exactly the same amount of money and most rules are the same

The difference is that you can claim JSA if they are "able to support, available and actively seeking work" in your opinion of current income, if you do not meet the above example, a carer, a lone, sick or disabled (which must be in one of these groups)

The advantage of the SI that you do not need to "sign" in the local job every two weeks with JSA "actively seeking employment, this means that companies and research approach to work (not only just the liability for vacancies) Job number Schools are very hard. You have seen the Government Welfare Reform Green Paper recently in the news, the government in public and manadtoryCommunity services to repeated complaints and GK more than two years.

In addition to the reforms that the government often orders traveling to employment centers in times of "severe regiemes benefits (SBR), which very much for the signatories of the application and evidence that they are looking for hard to Keep" in the loss of advantages. We are in a new period of SBR

Your age is also important because after 6 months on JSA, see the New Deal, or placed, depending on participation, where you live, on a system of government for the mandatory training.

SE has no criteria for determining the labor market (the only real difference between the ACC / IS), you need to regular meetings with the Minister of impersonal, but nothing to attend obligied

They always find work if the IS and always fill the vacancies with the employment office, etc., but without the effort

Faced with the choice that the application

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