Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Time Home Buyer Rules Does Anyone Know If I Qualify As A First Time Home Buyer!?

Does anyone know if I qualify as a first time home buyer!? - first time home buyer rules

I co-op, but my parents made me the loan at the age of 17 years has paid off! He is listed as the owner of the cooperative, however, that would be my first time homeowner status effects, there are different rules, it is true that you can get better mortgage rates first time buyer?


lenderja... said...

You can not be considered a principal residence during the last 3 years, owned a home buyer to start the first time. When the cooperative was not occupied by the owner, and you can try to qualify.

Under the first program of first-time buyer prices may be lower than the rate in some cases.

CA Lender

Bright said...

Please indicate where you are? Country? State?

wanting baby3 said...

Certainly, the first buyer to the house on time, have a lower rate. It may or may not be the first hombuyer by the program or from the bench, the best we can do is ask your loan officer.

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