Thursday, January 7, 2010

Simple Retaining Wall Sprinkler Installation Best Approach Question?

Sprinkler installation best approach question? - simple retaining wall

A little story before my question. I'm just about to install a sprinkler system in my garden. No landscape today, which should make it easier to work. The court of my upper back is about 3 feet from my garden, so that the extra dirt that I cleared, I am building a retaining wall of concrete blocks. This is an area that is approximately 1.5 meters deep left, and covers the entire width of the court. About 40 to 50 meters. So if you think it will be a very long rectangle.

He has published a large 3 / 4 inch PVC pipe in the wall of my maintenance plan through the sprinklers go to bed, this "flower". I thought by sprinklers thinks farmers in this area, but my gf dissagree and lines of drip is better. Puppets, it seems easier for me.

Has anyone tips or suggestions on what could work better? I'm not sure what you sow in this area, but I think it is pretty complete with plants. I also run along the main bed of this PVC "flower" of Tthat half of the area? Or should I in the back? I, as I do not want to dig into the types of plants and planting holes for planting. So when I run the main road along the bottom of the garden, Bubblers still work the same? Will they enjoy the land for the irrigation of flowers that I need? Or a drip system to be of the water line will not be centralized in the middle?

I hope that makes sense. Thank you.


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From the perspective of the application of drip a much better way would be to leave. Drip the deposition has a much smaller and more uniform and, if it is properly installed, will provide a much healthier environment. However, from a standpoint of installation and dolls maintenancee probably easier. This is especially true if you want to replant the bed per year. Drain the moat around the lines can be a hit. I warn you, but the dolls have a very high rainfall (aka put a lot of water in a short period). This could lead to catastrophic problems if you get too saturated with water behind the dam to. Can areas of collapse.

All in all, I drip. 1 x gallons per hour tube emitters at a distance of 12 cm. Running a loop back to the bed and in the loop, forming a loop at the top of the PVC plumbeded to bed. If you more space to build a network deal with the tube somewhere between 12-18 ". They are very happy with him. Also do not worry, Bathtion on the road or planting, then bought a small tube (it's cheap) and a link to some lengths and joint replacement, if necessary.

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