Friday, January 8, 2010

Waxing Game Is This A Good Technique To Fix A Scratch On My Xbox 360 Game?

Is this a good technique to fix a scratch on my Xbox 360 game? - waxing game

I tried to take it three times with great success, to fix it, but it does not work. I can hear the friction of the turtle wash wax on the glass and work. Does anybody know if this is reliable?


Anonymous said...

If success is not fixed, I doubt that can be the use of Turtle Wax, the disc ruin, and also developed taking into account the success of using a real machine in order to repair and if it does not work, then your probably Technology won 't work well, but if the hard drive have not even read, or is playing horribly, really nothing to lose. Make sure the lens of the DVD player is not dirty (make sure they do not) happen in other games, because it might ruin a perfect record


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Anonymous said...

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