Monday, January 4, 2010

Ozark Trail Knife Can I Carry This Knife In Boy Scouts?

Can I carry this knife in boy scouts? - ozark trail knife

So, I'm a Boy Scout. All my knives are more than 2 cm. So I bought a 4 inch. This is a roadblock Ozark-back knife. Here
Link: ...
Besides me, is not yet old and dirty like that.
Can the Boy Scouts?


Gregg said...

In the Boy Scouts of America, with a knife is governed by the rules of security in the Boy Scouts Security Guide. His Scouting is necessary for a copy of this brochure, all outputs with them.

You can also the rules posted on the link below. While many leaders say it is a rule against "sheath knife, see Security Guide recommends scouting can be easily avoided. Of course, speaks of" moral responsibility "for knife, blade, if it excludes.

Of course, their adult leaders and the PLC has the power to add their own rules of safety knives, so you should always check with them before a new knife on a campsite.

bal4boy said...

ask who is the creditor, which he knows.
I hope this helped

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