Saturday, January 30, 2010

Glossy Shelves Disturbing Poetry. Second Draft. Better?

Disturbing poetry. Second draft. Better? - glossy shelves

TITLE: All Dolled Up

I burn the skin with a razor blade,
But this apparent injuries in an exercise in vanity
Unexpected has borne fruit.
I will scorch this new leaf
To change the color of the lips of its delicious color
Then maybe someone decides, on a shelf.

My tears have been my plastic face
A bright light shines on
My smile without soul, without moving.
The pain is beauty, after all,
And who would not say my
Sparkling eyes wet?
Someone is sure that I buy it now.

I will be blackened, a needle with a thread
And stretch the skin at a point
The point of opening the door to another point
To seal these thoughts infidel
These ideas, which nobody wants to hear.
Maybe someone would buy me now.

So, I mean plastic
Good for your face
To my stay pleasant.
I'm drowning, smudging my lipstick
And my breath whistling cons
This prison cellophane
But worth it if someone myself.

(& now# 039; d)


j.srikan... said...

Yes, they are all Dolled 'Up', there are other things, without a doubt! Your poem is a kind of lyrical bent. I love it. You are in mind and material realm into the dynamics of your product! The sweetness, softness and beauty seems unprecedented. Why in the world if you would buy, or someone in this wide world? The idea and the idea is absurd. Is always the prerogative of the defendant to have to themselves, to think of you! You are Estelle, Stella HRT, the Cynthia of my dreams. The birds and trees, streams and gently whisper in your beauty in the desert!

Jeff Jacob Lourie said...

I think I've managed to "sink". You have a good poem better. I have two small grammatical errors. If you are limited only to the lips, color that should be "who want delicious color. In my experience, both technical as well as my short term memory, I forget what else. I'll send you an email.

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