Friday, January 15, 2010

Spinal Surgeon What Should I Expect From A Visit To An Orthopedic/spinal Surgeon?

What should I expect from a visit to an orthopedic/spinal surgeon? - spinal surgeon

I'm going to see an orthopedist or vertebral column Thursday. I will see because I have a herniated disc in my lower back, making my legs numb Tingle /. I went through physical therapy for several months, but he made matters worse, my PCP referred me to a surgeon. What can I expect from this visit?

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The doctor will discuss to discuss with you and if you do not already have an order to MRI.

If your symptoms are manageable and not entitled to an increasing weakness, the doctor will probably recommend surgery.

If you are in great pain but are otherwise well, your doctor may recommend an injection of the nerve reached (s).

If no signs of nerve damage (such as numbness or weakness, progressive), then an operation may be necessary. Surgery may also be offered in each case.

Listen to the opinion of the surgeon, and then make your decision.

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