Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes/long Dark Brown Hair? I Have Fair Skin And A Few Freckles?

Makeup tips for blue eyes/long dark brown hair? i have fair skin and a few freckles? - makeup tips for blue eyes

What good makeup tips?


Jamie J said...

either an eye shadow color is a bright orange across the eyelid and the lower half of the fishery also use mascara only on lashes and a good ranking in the eyes with an eyeliner on the lower eyelid

Juliia Efron said...

If you have blue eyes and brown hair use eyeliner, because it is the opposite of blue on the color wheel and that is what you want for your skin tone and eyes.

kika_281 said...

Use a pencil to sparkling brown eyes and brown eye shadow and pink lips and dark brown, like a mask

Olivia! said...

I'm the same way, I have blue eyes, brown hair, white as they come, and I'm with freckles! I recommend, like the colors, brown, pink, pink, brown, light purple color. Land use purpley a rose, a natural and not a pencil. I use it with black eyeliner and really the eyes out of his head.

With these, a fresh look, a pastel pink or purple look good. Cakes just fine. Gray is a timeless color for each eye color.

I recommend, not brown, because, as they are the opposite of blue, I think that the use of brown color more on the black eye for eye, if so boring to appear eyewash devices. It is only my opinion, I do not know how my looks brown, avoid them. Experiment, have fun!

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