Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ssc Supercar Which Supercar Will You Like To See Beat The Top Gear Time Track Record?

Which supercar will you like to see beat the Top Gear time track record? - ssc supercar

For fans of Top Gear are (or never). Supercar who like to see the displaced Gumpert Apollo S-record time on the track with the Stig?

I commend the SSC Ultimate Aero. Unless you have in mind for a supercar dethroned
Gumpert Apollo, that good ol 'P. Who do you think?

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bambamdi... said...

no later than the Neon SRT 4, which will be presented at SEMA in 2012, there are rumors that an 8-Turbo ProCharger, the AWD system, 6-speed. Engines built by hand, you think 400 is only by Gran Turismo 4 races will be produced. 875 hp, 980 AC, redlining at 12K RPM high. the ultimate driving simulator, Need for Speed Underground. virtual testing shows the engine speed is capable of 261.4 km / h, but his desire, the things they are not in place to achieve 4th Costs, 21K only a handful of buyers who kneel. GT contest the mouth of them. I / T 1 / 4 FR 2.10 seconds at 400 mph PDS 100 pesos chauffeur.

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