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1600 - 1700 Schooner How Were Schooner Ships Made In The 1600- 1700's?

How were schooner ships made in the 1600- 1700's? - 1600 - 1700 schooner

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Schooners were at first by the Dutch in the 16th or 17 Century and developed in North America used since the days of the American Revolution.

The schooner sail plan with two or more masts with the foremast is shorter or the same height as the rear masts. Traditionally, the majority of gaff rigged schooner are manipulated, sometimes with a place on the Topsail foremast and sometimes a square flat course (with the gaff foresail). Implementation square sails are called square Topsail schooner schooner. Modern saver can Marconi or Bermuda rigged. In Bermuda, Bermuda had manipulated saver in the 19th Century appeared. Known Ballyhoo saver, or along the mast with a family, with Bermuda or gaff rig, with or without Square Topsail, Bermuda sloops. A memorable example of this last type was HMS Pickle. Some boats are Bermuda schooner on the mast and gaff rig on the foremast. A staysail schooner has no foresail, but carries a ratchet between the main mast, in addition to the fore front FOREMAST. A staysail schooner gaff or to a fisherman (four-sided fore and aft sail) to keep above the jib or staysail main or a triangular mule. Multi-saver ratchet drives usually a mule from any resident outside the staysail sail made. Gaff rigged schooner carrying generally a triangular layout and Topsail back above the gaff sail on the mast, and sometimes called the front spar Gaffelschoner. Gaffelschoner that is not configured to perform one or more Topsail gaff is sometimes naked "head" or "soon" saver. A schooner with no bowsprit is a loud "schooner known.

There is no fixed number of masts for a schooner. A small schooner in two or three masts, but was built with a maximum of six (eg, six wooden poles carry Wyoming) or seven masts to more cargo space. Only seven poles (steel hull) ship, the Thomas W. Lawson was built in 1902, with a length of 395 feet (120 m), upper pole higher than 155 feet above the deck, with 25 candless 43,000 square feet (4000 m²) of sail area total. A two-or three-masted schooner is quite maneuverable and can be moved to some other boats of a small team. The greatest number of mast schooner were a bit unwieldy and the tower was largely cost-cutting measure introduced towards the end of the age of sail.

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