Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oily Mattress Shag Church Am I Being Ungrateful?

Church am I being ungrateful? - oily mattress shag

Sunday I went to church and pastor offered me a house in his garage. I sleep in my car for a few months and with the money I earn, I can not pay the rent because the rent is not cheap, here in Indiana. Now the pastor has a garage with all sorts of greasy and oily in all directions. When I checked in to the garage, the window is where you sleep out Busted. The mattress on the floor with a pile of auto parts, lawn mowers and other items are. When I saw how the garage looked, I was like, Dang, now I know how the slaves must have been cold to sleep in a barn. I slept in my car to my car, there is no air inside. It reached 18 degrees here and sleep in the garage with the temperature TProbably have me sick. The pastor has a three-room house with just him and his wife, and I felt a little pain, offering me a place in your garage, the old rogue. I will not be ungrateful or anything.


slim said...

No, you're not ungrateful, and the reason is that you have the time to write to them and their response to the concerns took a less than ideal arrangement. I could act the same way.

Pastor may have the reasons for the garage. Perhaps you need to get their confidence first.

How can this be cleaned for an idea of the root tip, why not this evening in the garage, and tranquil. Tell him it's the least I could by doing to sleep ... proberly true.

The things correctly and to treat him and his family with respect and see what happens.

Some were sleeping in garages, barns and stables in the past .....

Good Luck

answer4y... said...

Do not Like You ungrateful, because he had tried to determine the location. However, and are not intended, nor disrespect ...

They seem too proud, but. A broken window can be closed and for less than $ 100 in isolation. It would take to the streets and at least one type of neighborhood. Having cold be solved with a blanket ... Search for others who are less fortunate than the others.

TC said...

I do not think you are ungrateful. From what I've described here is not a dog is sleeping!

I do not think you necessarily being at home, either. There are no inns where you can stay until they ordered enough to have to rent an apartment?

Armored Saint said...

That are in this situation for a reason, and that comes from the heart to keep it as a bad thing .. and God knows it.
they want to bring the gods in all situations and always hear that from the mouth.
so happy, it's not the freezing medium and not tell anyone for a pleasure or think bad thoughts about this pastor.
Therefore they have to do all of his with him in our lives one day.
There are people who are much worse ... think.

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