Thursday, February 18, 2010

Angel Bite Piercings Pic Snake Bites Or Angel Bites?

Snake bites or angel bites? - angel bite piercings pic

So I said to bite well with the angel or go snakebites.
Angel bites are two holes in the upper lip, and snakebites are two lower lip piercings:)
I want your opinion, what would look better listen to me:)

Angel bites look like this: ... ...

Snake bites look like this: ... ...


HollieHo... said...

combine and get bites dog !!!!!!!!!!

idk, you need a little face for Angel Bites. Most PPLS rather not say from (, ur ugly or anything)

It would be better, snake bites, only B / C can say idk what u look so wouldnt Angel Bites.

AliveNsi... said...

In my humble opinion, if you have a lip that is thinner than the others on this path. If your upper lip is too thin, angel bites. If your lip is thin, one snake bites.
I believe these "bites" and add a view of Nice, which is very nice / female
Thank you for the question, btw .. lol, I had no idea what the bites can be pretty angel!

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