Monday, February 15, 2010

Idea Movie Ski Streaming What Do You Think About These Movie Ideas?

What do you think about these movie ideas? - idea movie ski streaming

# 1 A film about ski-boxes (a lot of fight scenes stretched out on the slopes)

# 2 A film about laziness truckers

# 3 Birds on a Plane


Eighty-F... said...

It sounds much better than today's throw away. If the Spartans can the money they can make Meet. # 1 sounds hilarious evil, he is No. 3 on the way!

buffyrul... said...

Are you sure that these films were not released? Looks like the film program in Kentucky Fried Movie, or Boob Tube. I would say the Onion, but their was Cock Puncher.

Curious George said...

LOL ... Combine all (except the number 3, there must be the original) and Nice, imaginative ideas.

wylderii said...

Sorry, I do not see any of them are carried out to make money. Well, if it was a spectacle for the fans to show their talents in the film .... Perhaps a special UTUBE?

kwayziek... said...

not to be rude, but it looks like that of "Scary Movie" films, and Snakes on a Plane

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