Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gential Pimple What Are The Cause Of Actual Pimples In The Gential Area?

What are the cause of actual pimples in the gential area? - gential pimple

I know there are all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases have been tested and I did it before I had been sexually active. I know they are real, because the grains of the kind you get in your face, and you pop and go, and it came out are. I do not know exactly what they do or how to prevent it?


Diogenes said...

Like any other crop. Clogged pores.

jay_d_sk... said...

How fun on the infected hair? In this section the hair, maybe they will break the skin and cause damage.

MEET-THE... said...

I do not want to answer this question 2! thx 4 posting it

tiger35 said...

Ingrown hair, not shave, including personal hygiene and

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