Friday, February 19, 2010

How To Spank Your Kid How To Spank Your Kid On The Hand?

How to spank your kid on the hand? - how to spank your kid

I take care of some children from time to time with his mother and told me that I have the hands to beat them when they do something wrong and that is not better. The question is: I do not know how hands.Can hit someone please help me.

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Super C00L said...

Sure. Some people will be pulled aside to ask, but I managed to beat me, young and had never come back.

Drag your wrist, not enough to hurt, but show enough, he has the power and you're the boss. With the other hand, struck it once. Think of it as a large reverse-5th Hard enough to make sound recordings, but not so strong that nothing really to beat. The strength of his grip, combined with his heavy hitting is more than just physical pain. The aim is to punish them and show them who's the boss, to obey you.

If you hurt children, that the transfer of his misdeeds, and because they have paid for pain. The idea is not pain, is the fear of love. If you're new, it is can be difficult. Try to remember that if you don &Listen # 039; t obey, they could be worse in some real pain, or because they have no experience in security and what not.

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