Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Medela Cooler Bag Medela Pump Questions/recall Issue?

Medela pump questions/recall issue? - medela cooler bag

First - Buy it might make a difference to most Medela shields milk? I'm a 38C, and those that came with my fuel pump might be a bit small, but it's worth buying the most?
Secondly - how many people to sterilize parts of the pump if the pump? I have steam bags, but I did recently, one of the valves of the chain, so I was wondering if you should soap and water frequently to avoid exposure to extreme heat. What should I do?
Thirdly - It seems a sort of retreat in the cold-pack Medela (one came with my Pump In Style. They say it is safe, but an environmental group that contains lead. You can contact for replacement Medela bags when a such exists. ...


ethansmo... said...

I have the pump and Medela breast shields. I like also increases your breasts. I had two dimensions, and do not see much difference. However, I prefer bigger.
Do not sterilize wash the pump parts every time - good and began to dry naturally. I once neutered a week on the Stock Exchange of steam. There are some nice wipes that you can use instead of soap and water if you are not at home or pressed for time.
Thanks for the ball on the withdrawal.

jatay said...

You do not know about screen sizes, it is 36C and the use of standard size shields. I work full time and pumping only once at home and at work three times for a total of 4 times per day. I bought extra shields, so that they actually have the 4 series of screens / valves / membranes / bottles in the collection. I wash, rinse with warm, soapy water after each use and good. I once sterilized per week) (usually on the Sunday before returning to work. I think if you have washed in hot soapy water clean. I do not really need that many sets, but it is easier to maintain, dry paper towel or paste in all the cracks before I need to re-pump. I also use bags of micro quick steam, love. Thanks for the information on refrigerators, I do not know, I've seen:)

PowerPuf... said...

I also have a Medela Pump In Style. I was cool with the stock, it was a bag of ice, so I used.
My breasts are the 36th (!) Well, (often before the pregnancy 34D) and I use the breast shield that came with the pump.
(Also neutered them 7 months) and valves of the chain is still like new. I use a sterilizer early years, and I 7 liters of water for 4 minutes in the microwave.

DolphinF... said...

Steralize me every time I pump. Full-time and attend school part-time, when the pump is too often during the day everytime steralize. I clean my parts with soap and water at least every 2 days.

Brady'sM... said...

First - The breast shields are not the size of the actual diameter of the nipple the size of the breast. Those who come to the pump, have a diameter of 24 mm nipple. Specifically, you want to be a bit of the areola position to give the shield, for sucking the nipple so the nipple is not the only thing that stood out. :)
Secondly - I do not sterilize every time I pump. I wash with soap and water, and every night all I sterilize.
Third - I had not heard anything about it. I appreciate the information!
Thank you!

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