Friday, February 12, 2010

Average Cost For Weddin What Is The Average Cost Of A Saxophone Lacquering?

What is the average cost of a saxophone lacquering? - average cost for weddin

I am pleased to buy a new alto saxophone, praised by which a school together. I think I have a good year for cheap, but I wanted to adapt a little. Does anyone know the average cost of a lacquered saxophone?


Left-T ... said...

Re-coating is available in different price categories. The money can be about $ 225 to 400.00, depending on size. Nickel others can vary in price and only tell you that the coating does not alter the sound much, if anything. You must ensure that they do not leak and which will not be reviewed. If you need advice, you may as high as $ 500.

Good Luck

ghia gal said...

Make sure that you want to return a lacquered horn. This could affect the tone and sound. Depends on where you are in the country, what it would cost. If you have a local workshop horn, you can go in the right direction. Many musicians and "empty look" too. A good cleaning can do amazing things.

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