Sunday, February 14, 2010

Home Remedy For Acne What Is A Really Good Home Remedy For Acne That You've Had Success With?

What is a really good home remedy for acne that you've had success with? - home remedy for acne

What are good home remedies for acne that you had with success? I do not see a part of Google, or its appeal (ie, rubbing garlic on your face) or not secure enough to go to work because she wants to end up buying $ 30 worth of things and does not contribute at all.


ilovepur... said...

► tomatoes and lemons, really!

1. for tomatoes, rubbed on the affected part, then let it dry, rinse with up to 15 minutes, then with water,

2. do the same for lemons ..

You can either. So do not put together.

amae said...

Tea tree oil

Emma ♥ said...

it is really easy father cider! It's like $ 5 and pour some into a cotton ball and rub on a clean face before bed. Worked for me! = D

Betty said...

Extra virgin olive oil, coconut.

VeryMerr... said...

I've never had a single remedy at home helping my acne. However, if instead of spending $ 30 for 20, which would fill viamin a recipe for an ointment, and what actually happens at work.

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